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We are a small family atelier in the heart of Europe - Czech republic. 30 years ago we decided to make others and us happy by creating wooden hair accessories.

We produce only limited number collections and models, all is hand made from start to finish.

For years, we have been exploring the relationship between functionality and shapes before we found a good balance to how our products should look and what features they must have in order to fulfill the functionality.

Our main goal was to create an elegant, light and sturdy hair clip which fulfills its functionality, is easy and comfortable to use and especially gentle to your hair.

Through the process we found a way to create big, even huge sizes of our models and still keep the requirement for minimal weight, which does not exceed 20 grams even for the biggest models.

We work mostly with hard, dense wood from fruit trees from local sources. Only exception is imported Ebody wood.

Our products are dyed using natural alcohol based colors and are treated with linseed oil and we don’t use any polish. Our products will “age” due to used materials and finish and acquire unique patina adding to its charm.

We put love and passion to our work and wish to make you happy.      BETY :-)

Petr and Laděna Hájkovi