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  • DŘEVĚNÁ DVOJJEHLA DO VLASŮ Č. 211 Jsem velmi mile překvapena a vřele doporučuji. Mám velmi jemné vlasy v délce pod ramena a proto jsem měla obavy, zda mi bude jehlice vlasy skutečně drže, ale vše je super a jsem maximálně spokojena. Vřele doporučuji.

    Kora Rybínová 13.1. 2023

  • Jsem se sponou velmi spokojena. Mám velmi jemné vlasy, koupila jsem proto velikost S a drží velice pěkně. Moc děkuji. Určitě doporučím dál.

    Kora Rybínová 12.1.2023

  • Spony jsou krásné, jsem velmi spokojená.

    Kateřina on Jan 19, 2023

  • Nádherná práce, jsem moc spokojená. Děkuji 🙂

    Kateřina on Jan 19, 2023

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  • I love these! This is my second order of two and I'm a happy customer. I have layered hair and these are a perfect solution for a bun that won't stay fastened because of it. When I try to wear a bun without these, it looks like the bun is coming loose, even when it's not, but with these, the locks that escape just give a nice messy look. I also received my orders very quickly. I highly recommend these beautiful items and this shop!!

    Heather on 02 Sep, 2022

  • Andrew on 27 Aug, 2022 5 out of 5 stars Extremely beautiful...super fast delivery... incredible choice...highly recommended

    Andrew on 27 Aug, 2022

  • am very happy I have found such 3 hairpins. this is beautiful in color, very firm and stays in one fine hair. I recommend these hairpins to everyone

    Chantal on 02 Aug, 2022

  • it is a beautiful hairpin, very sturdy completely,according to the photo. I am very satisfied that I bought this item because I have long fine hair most hairpins do not stay in place but this does

    Chantal on 02 Aug, 2022

  • Beautiful, well made, exactly as pictured, just what I wanted! Thanks!

    Lisa and Glen on 16 Jul, 2022, Hair Clip no. 301

  • "These pieces are stunning and unique while being incredibly functional. The seller was communicative about my order and shipping. And things took a completely reasonable amount of time considering that it was international. Truly a great customer experience from my perspective. I’ll definitely order more styles and colors soon."

    Olga on 04 Jun, 2022, model no. 404

  • "I have a lot of hair and a long length. There was no hair fork or hair clip that could handle my hair, so I looked around and found it. And I like it very much."

    Sio on 31 May, 2022, model no. 801

  • "I am very happy to have rediscovered this special hair ornament. I already bought a similar hair ornament years ago on the Charles Bridge. The new hair accessories complement my collection, are very functional, very beautifully crafted. Every piece is a real gem! The delivery was very fast and problem-free. Thank you very much"

    Carmen A. on 24 Apr, 2022, model no. 404

  • "I am super happy with the product! Easy to handle, it looks wonderful and it is well made. The hairpin even was complimented by friends of its uniqueness already."

    Caterina on 05 Jul, 2022, Hair Barrette no. 406

  • "Very nice practical hair accessories, very easy to combine. Fast delivery. Very nice manual work"

    Sonja on 10 Feb, 2022, Hair Clip no. 301

  • "A beautifully crafted piece! It's great that you can order different sizes depending on your hair type."

    Rita on 10 Feb, 2022, Hair Barrette no. 403

  • "Wonderful hair clip, with which you can easily get a chic hairstyle."

    Frauke on 05 Feb, 2022, Hair Clip no 502

  • "Very nice accessory for longer hair 😊😊"

    Tamara on 10 Jan, 2022, Hair Fork no. 212

  • "Very nice hair accessories. For very thick hair, order a larger number."

    Cloud on 04 Jan, 2022, Hair Clip no. 311

  • "These pieces are stunning and unique while being incredibly functional. The seller was communicative about my order and shipping. And things took a completely reasonable amount of time considering that it was international. Truly a great customer experience from my perspective. I’ll definitely order more styles and colors soon."

    Maxy, on 17 Nov, 2021, Hair Clip no. 305

  • "Beautiful wooden object. Works well. However, be careful not to expose it to the rain."

    Nicolas on 28 Nov, 2021, Hair Clip no. 503

  • "I'm obsessed with this hair comb. It takes some practice to get comfortable using it but it's comfortable and easy once you do. And there is almost nothing that feels as glamorous as shaking your hair out when pulling out a hair comb."

    Maja on 16 Nov, 2021, French comb no. 801

  • "Looks beautiful, just like the photo. Well made, nice colour, extra pin included. I ordered size M, which was exactly right for my 50cm long very fine straight hair. One minor detail: please look at the picture closely. I hadn't realised the barrette should be placed a bit tilted. When you are right handed, like me, and you place the barrette straight around the top of a french twist, the pin ends up tilted with the thickest part down and the point sticking up. Seems like this one would be perfect for left handers! I use it for different updo's now, and that works fine. A big thank you to this awesome little company!"

    nana on 01 Nov, 2021, Hair Clip no. 305

  • "Beautiful well made hairfork. The size I ordered was exactly right to create all kinds of updo's with my very fine hair (length 50 cm). Also the wood was nicely polished, yet it had enough grip to keep my slippery hair in place."

    nana on 01 Nov, 2021, Hair Fork no. 211

  • "5 out of 5 stars I first bought one of these on the Charles Bridge in Prague. I've been searching for them every since. I'm so happy to have found them on Etsy. These are fantastic hair pieces. They are works of art that I get complements on all the time. They are particularly good for holding my rather thick hair. It is good that they come with two pins, as the pins do break with near constant use. I highly recommend this artist and his products. (I now have three of them.)"

    Sanders on 20 Oct, 2021, Hair Clip no. 502

  • "Even better than in the pictures! I bought M size since my hair goes down to my shoulder blades, has weight and I wanted a clip that'll hold it. It managed to hold my hair in a French twist a whole day :)"

    Karin on 24 Sep, 2021, Hair Clip no. 308

  • "Very nice and high-quality hair clip made of natural wood. Thank you very much for the first-class communication and the good shipping."

    gsben5ozp6ruodze on 09 Oct, 2021, Hair Clip no. 310

  • "Visually very beautiful, robust, is made of wood and has no unpolished spots. Good grip."

    Annalena on 02 Oct, 2021, French comb no. 801

  • "Beautiful intrument made with expectionnal craftmanship. Now that I've got the hang of it, I put it in my hair in seconds. Looks so fancy. Worth every penny."

    Ingrid on 30 Aug, 2021, French comb no. 801

  • "Very nice and good finishes. The color and shape match the description perfectly. My hair is quite long, it maintains enough hair for a day without sport. Perfect for work!"

    Agathe on 23 Aug, 2021, Hair fork no. 211

  • "Great hair clip that is nicely crafted. With the help of the instructions easy to put in the hair. Holds wonderfully, all day. Shipping took some time due to an error on my part (forgot to enter telephone number) and an error on the part of the seller. From the seller my request was always answered very promptly and friendly. Many thanks to Prague."

    Christine on 27 Jul, 2021, Hair clip no. 305

  • "I like the hair clip very much, the wood is very stable, also the color meets my expectations. It is enclosed with a description and shows how best to turn the hair in so that it fits. It looks wonderful, even after loosening the clasp, the open hair falls soft and wavy, a 2nd cross bar was supplied without that I expected it, great. Also the packaging is free of plastic, thank you very much !"

    CKat on 24 Jun, 2021, Hair Clip no. 305

  • "My original hair clip was size Small, and Petr helped me choose the right size of Medium and sent me that size. I am in love and already looking at his other clips now that I see the Medium fits perfectly. He is an expert, extremely helpful and cares about his customers. 5/5 Stars."

    Joyce on 14 Jun, 2021, Hair Clip no. 305

  • "I bought this in two sizes, small and medium, and couldn't be more pleased. They are beautifully made, and so different from the usual hair slides. I put a protective coat of mineral oil on them as soon as I got them. The small is great for half-ups, and the medium (in the wine-red) is great for a full bun! Shipping was very fast, all were well packed. And a lovely little bag was included in the package. Thank you!"

    Christine on 23 May, 2021, Hair Clip no. 311

  • "It is absolutely perfect. feel great, all my friends have shown interest in knowing where I got it. It has beautiful craftsmanship and the color is a forest green that I love. I am happy to have it. It looks like the photo :)"

    cristina on 24 Apr, 2021, Hair Clip no. 305

  • "I bought several of these because I could not decide which one was the most beautiful. Just received- they are even more gorgeous than I had imagined. The seller sent me a special “sauce” to treat the wood. Thank you. I am so pleased with these❤️"

    ESTI on 03 Mar, 2021, Hair Barette no. 404

  • The bun cage is very nice. Obviously crafted by hand. It's easy to put in my hair and I get compliments all the time when I wear it - I absolutely love it and already ordered another one!

    Lotte on 17 Aug, 2022