• Städte schweigen

    Wir sind überrascht und unsicher, was die Zukunft bringt. Zum Glück haben wir etwas gefunden, um unsere besorgten Gedanken zu beruhigen.
  • Wander Prague

      Travelling and getting to know beautiful places around our country is definitely one of the pleasant activities. Some places you visit to admire nature’s wonders. Or there are cities like PRAGUE where you just have to be amazed by every piece of work that was made by ancient sculptors, painters...
  • Light as a feather

    The decision whether to cut your hair or not, especially when long hair is something us ladies are fondly proud of, can be tough sometimes. Long hair needs to be healthy and strong to deserve to be seen as beautiful. So we might have been thinking about cutting our hair many times before in...

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