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Care obout hair clip

Photo-manual on how to take care of your wooden barrettes. Hand creme and a sponge is all you need!

Many of you might know this but it's never a bad thing to repeat useful information. As you can see in our gallery all of our products are wooden. And wood requires specific treatment. Fortunatelly, you won't need much, just a piece of cotton cloth or sponge and your hand creme to rub your clip with it. 


This photo-instructions shows exactly how it's done. Take your hair clip and put a bit of hand creme or natural oil (olive, linseed, sunflower) on a cloth or sponge. Rub the substance in the wood. You might repeat it every time you see that the color is getting a bit dark or grey-ish. Also it prevents your clip from drying out. After this procedure you will see that the clip is shiny again and the wooden texture reappears. No need to worry about wearing your accessory outside when it's raining. Light rain should do no harm to a clip treated the way described above.

Follow the instructions on the pictures below and enjoy your newly restored beauty of your clip or barrette. 




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