Advice, tips and information

Our hariclips are made only using natural materials, we don’t use varnish or other chemicals to treat/polish our products. This comes with benefits and drawbacks of course. Hairclip will a be “alive” and will change a bit over the time.

UV rays will make the hariclip slightly darker. Hairclip surface can become a bit rough if it gets wet (wearing in rain) which is a property of the wood hairclip is made of. This can be easily fixed by rubbing in a bit of hand cream using a sponge. Some people love these natural properties and how hairclip changes over the time some may not.

Warning: Never varnish your hairclip!!! It has greasy surface and varnish will peel off very soon. If you prefer varnished surface let us know when placing an order and we will varnish hairclip for you.

Why we do not varnish our hariclips? Simply because natural properties of the hairclip are very practical for day to day use. As mentioned above, when hairclip gets wet you can just rub a bit of handcream using a sponge and hariclip will be beautiful and shiny again. This would not be possible if the hairclip would be varnished.

How to buy hairclip

Do not be afraid to ask us any questions! It is our pleasure to help you.

As our hairclips are made to order there are following steps for each order:

You place your oder via our website - no payment at this moment

You’ll receive confirmation email

After you receive confirmation please pay your order

Once we receive your payment we’ll start making your harclips

We will ship hairclips to you and notify you about completion of the order

Hairclips are shipped in a package with protective wrapping. Each hairclip comes with 2 fixing sticks. One has same colour as the hairclip and another has contrasting colour to the hairclip. If you wish different colour combination or more sticks please let us know when placing the order. It is always possible to order more fixing sticks separately.

Hair stick will be delivered in bubble wrap enforced envelope.

Each order is accompanied with the leaflet “How to care of and use your hairclip”.

You will order your choise and we will send you an email about accept your order. After that you can pay it on our account and we will make your hairclip and send it to your adress by post. In case of a hairclip it is a box and in case of a simple spine it is a letter with pamphlet where are informations how to use and take care about your hairclip or spine. With all clips we send two complete spines. One is in color of your clip and second is natural or in contrast color. It is up to you what you prefer. Everything you can write to your order in postscript or let us know by email. Of course you can order more of complete spines.

Important information to help you choosing right hariclip for you

About sizes

It is very important to know right size of your hair when you want to buy our hairclip.

Here are few tips which you may find helpfull.

Size A very fine and not so thick hair, shoulder lenght


Size C half back long and thick hair

Size D really long hair (under your bum) thick and heavy. Best choise are bigger clips from MAXI MODELS.

It is also possible to find out right size if you make a bun from your hair and check how it fits in your hand:

A - small bun which does not fill your palm

B - bun which fills your palm easily

C - bun which is bigger than your palm

D - Realy BIG BUN. FOR THIS SIZE CHOOSE MAXI MODELS. It is clips from colection 401 - 409.

If you’re not sure about your size we’re happy to help. Send us a picture of your hair (in ponytail & loose) by email and we will recommend you a right size, color and shape of clip.